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the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Nira Bozkurt is a Producer, Strategist, Scriptwriter, Director and Speaker with experience working in Film and Immersive Media, an extensive passion for cutting-edge technology, knowledge of the media and XR industry and a broad network of European creators, new creative tech developers, producers, writers and talent. 


She holds a Diploma from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne in Scriptwriting and Film Directing / key area TV and Film and she has studied Computer Science at the University Stuttgart and Law at the University of Tuebingen and Munich. While her studies, at the age of 19, she founded and ran, as Official Sworn, Court-appointed Translator and Interpreter, Interpretation-Translating-Services for legal, police and penal institutions in Tuebingen, Stuttgart and Cologne.


Nira has also developed and wrote scripts for production companies, one was nominated for a prize. She made Short Films, which were nominated at various European film festivals, and worked in 2015 on a market study about Virtual Reality. 

As Executive Producer, she has been responsible for developing and producing XR Experiences and Feature Films, market strategies and distribution partnerships with digital platforms for companies. „Ballavita", a narrative non-interactive VR Experience produced by Nira, was world premiered at Venice Film Festival, and the company Amiluxfilm has become a registered PlayStation Developer (PSVR). In addition to producing a feature film „Eine Sache der Perspektive“ (2020), and bringing film and XR projects to market, Nira is developing and producing audio formats with German writers and creatives. 


Currently she has partnered up with Living Popups, a L.A. based A.R. entertainment company focused on interactive storytelling through argumented and animated characters and that is about to enter the European Market. 


Nira is a Member of the VRBB and the Association of German Screenwriters.

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